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Sinks & Vanities

Sinks and Vanities come in hundreds of different styles and designs to fit with your décor for home or business: modern, contemporary, traditional and country are some of options available. Bathroom vanities can be freestanding or built-in. Some vanities have a matching mirror or mirrors. Kitchen and bathroom vanities can have sinks that rest above the countertop or under-counter sinks.

The sink plumbing has a very specific function, which is to facilitate the flow of water from the faucet to basin, or bowl, into what is called the p-trap. The p-trap of a sink drain exists to seal the pipe with water, to keep out the gases that bypass the vent. Call Now! FIX-R-US, skilled teck can fix or replace any sink or vanities no matter how big or small.


Sink Replace

Sinks are available in single-, double- and even triple-bowl designs that are made from a variety of durable materials, including stainless steel, marble, fiberglass, enamel, porcelain and custom made.

At some point, everyone will suffer the effects of a clogged sink drain. The inescapable truth is that it is far simpler to avoid clogging a drain than to clear one out. FIX-R-US, skilled tech not only replace your sink, un-clog your drain and have your kitchen or bathroom up and running at no time.


There are many bathroom vanities to choose from that can add character to any remodel project. A vanity is one of the main fixtures within a bathroom. It acts as a base for the sink and often offers some storage space as well. Whether you're looking to remodel your existing bathroom or decorate a new bathroom, the vanity can make a big difference in the room's appearance. It's important to find colors that complement your decor while also contributing to the overall mood and tone of the room.